Beef Cattle

Benefits of Oxy Blast for Beef Cattle

The use of Oxy Blast for beef cattle production is a very important “tool” to improve the quality of the most important nutrient – water. Water is the most quantitative nutrient of the body in any species. Water consumption always determines dry matter feed intake. Water plays many major roles in all of the body’s normal functions.

The amount of Oxy Blast to be used in the drinking water for growing and finishing beef cattle ranges from 50 to 100 ppm. The best and most consistent results are achieved at 75 to 100 ppm. For new incoming cattle to the feedlot with challenges from stress, a higher pulse rate of two times normal rate is very helpful for the first week to 10 days. The same amounts apply to beef cows in a dry lot.

For back- grounding cattle which are usually on pasture, we usually cannot add Oxy Blast economical and effectively to the dug-out or pond water source. The best water source would be treated water with Oxy Blast pumped to the pasture location whenever possible.

Always get the water analyzed to determine the correct amount of Oxy Blast to be used most effectively and economically.

For calves on milk replacer use, Oxy Blast 34% at the rate of 2 cc/gal. of milk replacer to achieve 100 PPM, or use 1/2 ounce / 7-10 gal. of milk replacer. Use the same amounts m the calves’ drinking water.

The benefits from the proper use of Oxy Blast are the same for any age or stage of production in beef cattle. Here are a few of those benefits:

  • Cattle drink more water when treated with Oxy Blast, to help them meet their daily requirement.
  • Growing and finishing cattle show consistently higher and more even feed intake with less ups and downs. The use ofOxy Blast resulted in improved average daily gains (ADG) ranging from 0.25 to 0.7llb./day increase. The resulting return on investment (ROI) speaks for itself. These results are based on field trials and real feedlot facilities with the same type of cattle, housing, management and feeding program. Better ADG and improved feed utilization result in a more profitable bottom line.
  • Typically there are less sick cattle to be treated, less labor for sick pen treatment, less and often no medication needed besides less death loss. The immune function of the cattle is also greatly improved.
  • We always observe less or no internal parasite issues at all. This not only results in cost savings for treatment but also keeps cattle healthier.
  • The digestive system function is improved, working more efficiently and consistently, observed in the “manure language” of the cattle, the “proof being in the pudding”.
  • The water system stays clean, fresh, free from toxins/poison producing algae and bacteria in the water tanks and drinking fountains.
  • Normally nasal discharge from animals containing bacteria and viruses end up in the water tanks, passing it on to each other. Oxy Blast will prevent this from happening.
  • Young calves receiving Oxy Blast in the water and milk replacer perform much better with less sickness, produce better gains, have less scours, needless medication and require less labor to care for them. Their bedding stays drier providing a healthier environment.
  • In all ages of cattle we experience a lot less or no respiratory problems.

All of these factors are very important for beef animals to stay healthy and perform to their optimum genetic potential and providing a reasonable profit for their producers.

0xy Blast is a multi-function product with proprietary formulation to achieve consistent and economical results for beef cattle of all ages.