Advantages of Oxy Blast For Swine

For Sows Oxy Blast

  • Corrects bad water that will lead to
  • Higher water consumption that encourages
  • Higher feed consumption that leads to
  • Better milking sows
  • With less incidences of mastitis
  • Heavier pigs at weaning time
  • Sows are in better condition so they have
  • Higher conception rates and there are
  • Less downer sow problems in gestation
  • Reduced medication costs
  • Reduced vet bills

For Nursery Pigs- Oxy Blast

  • Corrects bad water
  • Encourages higher water and feed consumption that usually results in
  • Higher weight gains (usually 2 – 5 extra pound) out of the nursery
  • Helps eliminate E.Coli scours
  • Helps eliminate respiratory infections
  • Helps eliminate strep infections.
  • Helps reduce antibiotic or medication costs ยท:>-
  • Reduces vet bills

Besides improving daily gain and feed efficiency, we have noticed the following by injecting Oxy Blast into the water of finishing hogs:

  • Lower death loss and morbidity
  • Longer dean-out time between turns of hogs
  • Less odor because of the extra oxygen put in the pits & lagoons from wasted water from the nipple drinkers
  • The manure will pump easier because there will be less solids.again because of the extra oxygen added to the pits or lagoons
  • Less ammonia and methane gas because of the added oxygen

The barns will dean up easier because of the less undigested feed in the manure.


Water Medicator Usage Rates