Oxy Blast System Guarantee

Essential Water Solutions Inc., in cooperation with the distributor and/or dealer involved in your sale, offers the following guarantee on our Oxy Blast system after a minimum period of 6 months, if you are completely not satisfied:

  1. We will refund 100% of the pump or pumping system cost, provided your purchased it through Essential Water Solutions Inc.’s dealer or distributor.
  2. We will refund 100% of and unused Oxy Blast, whether the drum is full or not.
  3. We will refund up to 50% of any Oxy Blast that has been used through the livestock or poultry while treating their water.

Conditions of the Guarantee:

  1. A sample of your water has been take and send in for analysis so we can make an accurate recommendation of how best to take care of your water issues.
  2. You need to follow our protocol for both the Oxy Blast and and Oxy Blast companion product recommended within reason.
  3. You must let your dealer of distributor know right away if there are problems occurring during your six months period with the water or animal health.
  4. The pump or pumping system must be in good condition upon return.
  5. The cost of installation, the cost of any other items needed to complete the installation, and freight, are not refundable.
  6. If the wrong nutritional diet of the animals or stray voltage is hampering the success of the Oxy Blast then those things must be remedied or the guarantee is null and void.