C. J.

After a few short months of using Oxy Blast on my cattle I noticed some nice changes. Their hair coats are shiny and that tells me the hemoglobin has been built up because of the added oxygen in their blood stream. And because of that they do really well.  I recommend Oxy Blast to everyone I talk to.


Dave and Mitch

We have a plumbing and electrical business in Northwest Iowa. Five years ago, we were introduced to Oxy Blast. The first time we used it was on a cattle farm. Before Oxy Blast, every six months we would blow out his lines because of the iron and rust build up. The Producer started using Oxy Blast and we have not been back since to blow out the lines or to pull the pump. We recommend Oxy Blast to all our customers.



By running different trials over the past 3 years on my finishing unit, I have come to find out that when using Oxy Blast correctly there is no other product like it on the market. By purging for 3-4 days and then scaling back to the recommended maintenance level the total cost comes to $1.80 per head per turn and no antibiotics!


Ray and Elva Hurst

Before I started using Oxyblast for my organic dairy cows I was having a lot of trouble with scc counts over 500,000 and repeated cases of mastitis, a little over a year ago I began using Oxyblast as a water treatment product and began to see a steady decline till scc stabilized around 150,000 sometimes even as low as 80,000. I have seen a decline in mastis cases till it is very rare to see any in the herd.

This month out dairy held out annual producers meeting and to my surprise our farm was rewarded first place with a large cash prize for best quality premium milk. I want to thank you for your part in our achievement, keep doing a great job you have been.