Why Choose Us

We deliver water treatment solutions to those who experience issues with water quality

Janssen Ventures, Inc. was established in 2002, we are a Distributor of Oxy Blast and Essential Hydrogen Peroxide products. We primarily cover the Midwest with over 22 Dealers in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Southern Minnesota. We focus our concentration on livestock and poultry industries and deliver water treatment solutions to those who experience issues with well water.

5 reasons to choose us

  1. Consulting Professionals at your convenience.
    • Water Physiologist
    • Filtration Specialist
    • Nutritionist
    • Veterinarian

    We make it as easy as possible for issues and concerns to be handled by professionals who have suggested treatment options to other producers. We arrange conference-calls or personal visits to help maximize your success with our product.

  2. Knowledgeable treatment options.
    There are many companies that sell plain Hydrogen Peroxide; however, we have the knowledge and the experience to offer you a unique combination of hydrogen peroxide and additives that make up, Oxy Blast. Through water testing and our experience and success in the water treatment industry, we give suggested solutions and share testimonials as to how other producers have benefitted by using Oxy Blast.
  3. Experience in the Livestock Industry.
    We are unique! We have the experience in successfully suggesting water treatment options for those in the livestock and poultry industries. We have continual success in helping producers who deal with problems such as rust build up in water lines, black manganese in the stock tanks/holding tanks and clogged drinkers. It is a strong testimony that many of our Dealers are producers themselves and know the importance through their own experiences of how Oxy Blast has been a key ingredient to their success.
  4. Water Testing.
    Our water testing is done through Midwest Labs in Omaha, NE. Midwest Labs tests water on 14 different measures and helps identify what is most troublesome. This test helps to identify specific issues and problems faced by our producers and potential producers. We then, through our team of Consultants, offer a suggested solution.
  5. Six-month Guarantee.
    Check out our 6 month guarantee listed on the Home Page of our site, there is no other guarantee like it in the industry. Just another reason why we are confident that Oxy Blast is the best water treatment product on the market!